These Terms and conditions specifies the services which Shopping buddy app and website make available to its users.

Terms of the use of Shopping buddy service:

1. Subscription (one week of personal stylist) includes the following exercises, which are guided by a fashion adviser provided by Shopping buddy:

2. Subscription begins from the first message sent by fashion adviser to the user.

3. All communication with the user will happen through the built-in chat functionality within Shopping buddy app.

4. Shopping buddy is responsible for selection and assignment of the fashion adviser.

5. To prevent service abuse, amount of questions which a user can ask the advisor, is limited to 15 per paid week. Exercises included in the week (build profile, provide recommendation based on profile, create 3 matching looks) are not impacted by this limit.

6. One week is 7 days (including weekends)

Refund policy:

1. In case of the user not being satisfied with provided service, he can request a full refund of the paid amount.

2. Refund can be requested within first 72 hours after service activation (i.e. first message received from the fashion adviser), while no more than 3 fashion advice questions have been answered by the adviser and 3 daily looks have been sent to the user.

3. To request a refund, user should send this request to [email protected] from user's login email.